A display of everlasting beauty

A display of everlasting beauty

2018 Oct 17th

Imagine, sending someone the gift of forever having fresh flowers in their home or office space - beautiful statement pieces that never wilt, fray or die and defy any need for water changing, trimming, disposal or ongoing costs of replacement.

Designed exclusively for Baskits Inc., these enchanting silk floral arrangements are hand-crafted and set perfectly in artificial water for an everlasting display of beauty. Not only do our silk pieces last forever, they’re affordable; only a fraction of the cost that you might find at other retail locations and comparable to purchasing real flowers 2-3 times over!

Flawlessly life-like, these luxurious peonies and peach roses, in different stages of bloom, are perfect for bringing elegance to any space for years to come. Our silk flowers make fantastic gifts for clients, colleagues, anniversaries, birthdays and more!