Brand Spotlight: Dot & Lil

Brand Spotlight: Dot & Lil

2021 May 6th

Founded in 2008 by Anne Dardick, Anne's scent addiction is the driving force behind Dot & Lil. Dot & Lil's handmade heirloom-inspired, finely crafted goods for bath, body and home are made in their Rosemont studio in Montreal, Quebec and blend the old with the new. Their modern meets vintage vibe gives their products a unique touch, with almost all of their products being anhydrous, containing no water, and completely free of preservatives.

Baskits is a proud supporter of Dot & Lil and their ultra-concentrated bath and body products that compliment our spa focused gifts so beautifully. You ca find them in almost all of our spa gifts!

Belle Spa Gift Basket (F31120)   Luxe Serenity Gift Basket (F30720)