Brand Spotlight: Indulge Gourmet

Brand Spotlight: Indulge Gourmet

2017 Jul 11th

Indulge Gourmet Kettle Corn was founded by Allan Eisen, who quit his day job and began this business. Entering the niche food industry required help from his entire family, giving him more time to spend with his son, Matt Eisen. Matt would help Allan label and pack boxes and his wife handled the business side.

Before finding themselves at a festival in Bala, none of the Eisen family had ever tried kettle corn. After one bite, they were immediately hooked! With Allan’s keen interest in manufacturing, he thought about kettle corn as a product that was not really offered in the local market. He purchased his very own kettle corn machine and experimented to develop the perfect blend of popcorn, corn oil, sugar and sea salts. This gourmet kettle corn soon became highly sought after for its irresistibly sweet and salty taste.

It was not until 2011 that Allan introduced the smaller 30g single-serving bag that we now know as Indulge Gourmet. This proudly Canadian owned company brings the perfect crispy, crunchy, sweet and salty taste to every hand packed bag! That’s why we love Indulge Gourmet Kettle Corn here at Baskits and ecstatic to be sharing these yummy treats with you!