Brand Spotlight: OXO Tot

Brand Spotlight: OXO Tot

2017 Jun 13th

Introducing OXO (Ox-Oh), a brilliant company dedicated to providing innovative consumer products that make everyday living easier. Over 25 years ago, Sam Farber wanted to develop ways to solve everyday problems; after noticing his wife Betsey having difficulties comfortably holding a peeler due to arthritis. An opportunity arose to create more thoughtful tools to benefit everyone. With their commitment to simplifying our daily lives, OXO Tot creates thoughtful solutions and innovate features to help with growing, nurturing, and caring for little ones.

Did you know that the name OXO was formed because Sam loved the letter “O” and wife Betsey wanted to create a logo that could be read backwards, forwards, and upside down? In fact, the connection to “Hugs & Kisses” was not intentional at all. Hence OXO, a name and logo that no matter which way you look at it, is still “OXO.”

OXO Tot’s products are a perfect addition to our collection for baby, with fantastic gifts for welcoming your little ones into the world!