Brand Spotlight: SeaChange SeaFoods

Brand Spotlight: SeaChange SeaFoods

2017 Jul 25th

Founded by John and Anne Millerd, SeaChange SeaFoods is proud to present the best of Canada. Not only do their products use only wild salmon, they also contain the purest ingredients possible, creating a truly authentic experience. Contrary to what some may believe, SeaChange Smoked Salmon is crafted so well that it is safe to bring with and enjoy anywhere in the world. The uncooked salmon is lightly salted and surrounded with hardwood smoke for several hours. After being cold smoked, the salmon is heated in a gold foil pouch to destroy any bacteria. This type of production makes sure SeaChange salmon does not need to be refrigerated until it is opened.

Did you know that the Wild Smoked Salmon was sent by special request to the International Space Station… 4 times! A special taste of Canada while the astronauts were working in space.

Baskits is excited to spotlight SeaChange and its delicious, quality wild salmon products. You can find SeaChange smoked salmon paté and their maple glazed smoked salmon in some of our favorite gifts!