Crazy for Coco!

Crazy for Coco!

2021 Feb 3rd

Style, is what our faux floral arrangement, Coco, is all about. Grand and eloquent this triple-stem fuchsia Phalaenopsis Orchid in full bloom is as chic as they come, just like world-renowned fashion icon Coco Chanel! Designed to add sheer elements of classic beauty along with a pop of color to any space, Coco would make the perfect gift for a very special Valentine!

Floral arrangements are a beautiful and thoughtful gesture for just about any occasion; and while it is lovely to have fresh blooms in the home, the time investment to maintain them and the inevitable outcome of wilting and eventually requiring disposal, makes the cost of fresh cut flowers tough to justify! Especially when the most stunning and flawlessly life-like faux-floral arrangements are just a click away!

Baskits’ collection of faux floral arrangements will never wilt, fray or die and defy the need for water changing, trimming, disposal as well as ongoing costs of replacement. So incredibly life-like, each pedal is hand-made and crafted into the most stunning, flawless flower.