For someone who deserves a "Spa Day"

For someone who deserves a "Spa Day"

2019 Jan 4th

Sometimes, the very best gifts are those that are filled with the promise of positive vibes and a whole lot of self-love.

Our "Spa Day" gift basket is all about positivity and ensuring the pampering everyone deserves! Curated with an assortment of some of our most elegant, boutique spa and self-care gifts, this gift box features "Spa Day" loose leaf tea from Tealish's Beautea Collection, Wild and Wolf by Folklore's Twelve Mini Emery Boards, Himalayan Pink and Epsom bath salts, a keepsake mug and more - the perfect gift box for anyone deserving of some spa time at home.

Our Spa Lover collection is filled with many great gift baskets for anyone who could use a a little pampering in the most luxurious way. Happy gifting at