Foxhound Collection; Fragrances for Fall

Foxhound Collection; Fragrances for Fall

2019 Oct 1st

There is nothing more relaxing and rejuvenating than a home filled with enchanting fragrances inspired by every-day adventures and wonders. This fall, Foxhound collection's Vanilla Cassis is perfect for introducing warm and cozy vibes to any space.

Foxhound Candle Co. creates the most beautiful hand-poured candles that are strategically designed to allow scent and sense to have focus while complimenting any home, space or lifestyle. Our "For Her" gift collection features the Lavender + Linen and the Vanilla Cassis soy candles, both which add luxurious balance and calm to the air.

Found in our Me Time, Royal Treatment and Belle Spa Baskits, you can give a little bit of love from Nova Scotia with the Foxhound Collection.