K'Pure: "Keep Going" Energizing Spray

K'Pure: "Keep Going" Energizing Spray

2018 Sep 26th

Whether it's post workout or that 3 pm slump, let K'Pure's "Keep Going" essential oil spray help you forego that mid-day cup of coffee.

 "Keep Going" is a refreshing blend of spearmint, lemon and other organic oils. The spray is fantastic for energizing your atmosphere and adding a little pep to your step. Further to its energizing qualities, the organic witch hazel and coconut oils make it the perfect hydrating facial toner, that can also be used as a body spray, room spray and gym bag spray. 

This fantastic must-have can be found in many of our luxury gift baskets throughout both our "For Him" and "For Her" collections. One of our favourites includes our Man Flu basket. Paired with Man Tea and an "Out with the Man Flu" mug, this is the perfect "get well" gift from anyone needing a little pick me up.